When I Am Afraid

I had just flown three hundred miles with our son via Life Flight. It was negative twenty degrees outside and within less than an hour, I was in the middle of a city I didn’t know…facing uncertainty and many questions. My husband wasn’t allowed to fly with us, so he was on the four-hour trek to get to us. So many questions. So many that couldn’t be answered yet. So much ahead of us.

We knew the prayer chains had been activated. We had asked our family to spread the news. Our son needed prayers and he needed them now. I had been at the hospital about fifteen minutes when my name was called over the intercom. I had a visitor…in a place I didn’t even know the location of. My eldest cousin lived in the area and had come to sit with me. What a familiar face can do in a moment of crisis is unreal.

 My cousin sat in on the meetings with our son’s doctor to be another set of ears. I was so grateful. But the best thing my cousin did, was introduce me to Psalms 56:3. The NIV version states, “When I am afraid, I will trust in You.”

Amen, amen, amen.

I was terrified at that hospital. I was anxious at what was happening to our son. I was nervous for the drive my husband had to make. I was unsure what decisions would quickly be coming our way. I clung to that verse.

When I am afraid, I will trust in You. It has stuck with me for fifteen years. When my other son had seizures, I trusted Jesus. When my mom had cancer, I trusted Jesus. When my son moved away for college, I trusted Jesus (okay, there were some tears…). Whenever anxiety rears its head, I have these words from my Lord.

Friend, what are you afraid of today? What can you let God handle? Can you give it to Him and trust His plan? I know it’s hard. I know it’s hard. In those moments of crisis, it can seem impossible that anyone can help. But please hear me when I say God can calm you in the midst of the storm. I’ve lived it and felt it. If He can do that for lowly old me, He can surely do it for you.

Trust Him.


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