Letting the Walls Come Down

What walls do you have up?

Are you keeping certain people at arm’s length?

Are you closed off from your church family?

Are you protecting your heart or are you afraid to let someone in?

We build walls for many reasons. It might be hurt, grief, pride, fear, or a myriad of other reasons. I don’t want to confuse walls with boundaries. Boundaries can be healthy, needed, and kind. I feel walls are tougher than boundaries. There’s no give and take. Just a solid, cement wall standing between you and whatever you’re afraid of gaining access to you and your heart. It feels more permanent and rigid.

I know I have had walls built up before. Some I didn’t even realize were there. I can feel myself putting up walls when I’m hurt. I might offer my heart to someone and let my guard down. However, the minute I get hurt by them…a wall immediately goes up. It’s almost automatic at this point and sometimes I believe it’s the only way I can protect myself.

In Joshua chapter six, we read about the walls of Jericho. The Lord brought Joshua and his army to the outskirts of Jericho, where there were walls around the entire city. My study notes tell me in some areas the walls were twenty-five feet high and twenty feet thick. Those are some major walls!

The Lord directed Joshua to have his armed men march around the city once a day for six days. The trumpets could sound, but no one else was to make a noise. On the seventh day, they were to march around the walls seven times. When they were finished, the trumpet sounded and the people let out a war cry. The walls came tumbling down.

Can you imagine how a war cry could tear down walls that were so thick? I can’t if I imagine it was only from the war cry. We know the Lord went before Joshua and his army and made this possible.

It’s the same with the walls we erect. Our reasons may seem valid to us, but are they to the Lord? Can we create boundaries that are adjustable instead of walls that are immovable?

When Joshua’s army was to march around the city, there was a strange order. The priests were to go first carrying the ark of the covenant. Joshua wasn’t directed to send soldiers ahead of the priests to protect them. He was told to send the priests first. Do you know why? The Lord was making it known that He was the One providing the power…He would tear the walls down and allow them access to Jericho. He didn’t want any of the men mistaking His power for their own.

Isn’t that how the Lord works? He will do things that will show us He is ultimately in control and He is the One Who is all-powerful. Not us. Our power comes solely from Him.

It’s the same with the walls we have erected. We need the Lord’s help tearing them down. Some may have been in place for many, many years and may feel justified. In order to destroy them and create healthy boundaries in their place, we need God’s help.

It might not look the same as Joshua and his army. It might look like laying it at the foot of the cross and walking away. It may look like journaling the hurt that has kept the wall in place. It may look like forgiving someone for how they hurt you. I believe it will be different for each of us and even for each situation.

Just as the Lord went before Joshua, He will go before you and me. Ask Him to reveal areas in your life that need attention…areas that walls have been built up around. Ask Him to help you release the hurt or anger and break down those barriers that will bring you to freedom in Him.

As long as we are in bondage to the things that have hurt us, we are not walking in freedom.

I encourage you to have a talk with God about the walls you might have around you. He is the way to freedom, my friend. He is the only way to freedom.


  1. Theresa Boedeker

    Rochelle, love the part, don’t confuse walls with boundaries. We build walls to protect our self (often because of past hurts) to keep us from getting hurt that way again. We take that one hurt we suffered and build walls that apply it to everyone. Boundaries often apply to a certain individual because they are acting in unhealthy ways towards us or those we love. Boundaries apply to one person, often, who engages in unhealthy behavior. Once walls are built, we often keep engaging in that behavior even after we are safe and not dealing with people who are trying to hurt us. We apply them to everyone, which keeps us unhealthy. That’s why we need to tear them down. They keep us from acting in healthy ways with everyone. Thankfully God is there to help us knock the walls down.

    • Rochelle

      Yes…so very true. Thank you for expanding on the difference between walls and boundaries. Very great insight you shared. Thank you for reading and commenting! ❤️

  2. Connie Rucinski

    In the light of our current world It’s hard to not be angry or build walls that are because of political choices Great words Rochelle You are spot on Love your insight God Bless you 💗

    • Rochelle

      Yes, it is hard to not be angry about politics lately. But we can keep our eyes on the true King, Who can help us! ❤️ God bless you, Connie!

  3. Angie Mitchell

    Rochelle, I love every word of this. I was writing in my journal about the walls I have built and how I need to let them fall. It is so hard to do especially when you have been hurt, or you built them so that you can be strong in the situation. I am learning that God wants me to rely on his strength to be strong and allow my heart to grieve and recover. We can’t heal our hearts if they are behind walls that don’t allow us to feel. Thank you for your beautiful words.

    • rochelleb@me.com

      Yes!! We can’t heal our hearts behind a wall that doesn’t allow us to heal. I love that sentence. Although many times I believe I need those walls to heal…when in fact, I just need Jesus to heal. He is the path to healing, that the whole world needs to know about. Let’s keep spreading the word! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight. I appreciate it so much!

  4. Julie

    Uff..sometimes those walls are just as comforting as our home is or our favorite tattered blanket and imagining those walls not providing the “supposed” protection they have provided can seem overwhelming. Stepping out and blindly grabbing His hand. Thanks for this Rochelle.

    • rochelleb@me.com

      Oh, you know I’m right there with you…acknowledging how comfortably safe those walls can be! Just like our masks, right? But I think we both know that’s not how God intended us to live. (Sigh) Hang into His hand as He leads you, my friend.


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