Keep Your Focus on Jesus

The United States of America has an important day coming tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd. We will (and have already been) casting our votes for our next president.

I realize each election is important, but for some reason, this election seems to be all-consuming. I’ve seen more parades than I’ve ever seen before, rallies with an exuberant number of attendees, debates that weren’t too professional on either side, and all of this happening during a global pandemic.

I have a few questions I’d like to ask you to think about regarding this election. Believe me, I’ll be thinking about them, too.

First of all, we all have our beliefs about who should be elected. During the campaigns, debates and commercials that have been taking place, all of their deepest mistakes and sins are being brought to light. I saw this question that stopped me in my tracks. It stated, “Do you deserve forgiveness and salvation more than they do?”

Yikes. I know these people have signed up to have their pasts scrutinized, as they should be. They could potentially be running our entire country. But going beyond politics, think of the question I just asked: do they deserve the same amount of forgiveness as we do? Should they be denied salvation if they repent of their sins and truly believe in God?

Secondly, scripture asks us to pray for our leaders. God doesn’t ask us to pray for only the leaders we agree with and want to be placed in office. He’s asking us to pray for all leaders, so that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness (1 Timothy 2:1-2). I encourage you to pray for them all, whether you like them or not. That could be difficult, but we’re asked in His Word to pray for our enemies. If we can pray for our enemies, I believe we pray for a presidential candidate. Just like us, they will be answering for all they’ve done wrong when face to face with God; and one day every knee will bow…even those who aren’t Christians at the moment. Pray for them. Whether they’re Christians or not, include them in your prayers.

Thirdly, we’re asked to honor our leaders. That can be downright difficult if our beliefs don’t line up with the leaders who are elected. God’s not asking us to do whatever is easiest, He’s asking us to do what is right in His eyes. Friends, this may be a hard one, but I encourage you to work on it, just as I will be. There are people whose beliefs are exactly the opposite of mine. Yet, I’m asked by God to honor them. He’s going to have to help me…and He can help you, too.

By the way, I don’t believe honoring them exactly means we agree with everything they do and every decision they make. In Romans 13, Paul says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” What Paul is saying is that person is in that position because God put him/her there. Therefore, we are to honor our governing authorities. Will it be easy? No. Is it possible? Yes, with God’s help.

Finally, remember that the Lord is near. The election results will not be a surprise to God Almighty. In fact, He already knows who is going to be our next president. He knew it before they began running for election. Nothing escapes Him. Ever.

When we feel like the world is out of control, whether it’s the election, COVID cases rising, or our personal lives, we can rest knowing God is here. Right in the middle of it working it all out for good. He has not relinquished control, nor will He ever. He has conquered this world and all that is in it. Even this election and pandemic. He is greater than it all.

My goal wasn’t to share a political post, but when praying about it…this is what I felt led to share. There are going to be people who are unhappy after this election. There are people who will be and already are upset with the surge in COVID cases, getting angry at anyone who doesn’t obey the mandates. The economy is in the dumps. There’s a lot going on in this world right now. What we can’t forget to focus on is God.

He is still sovereign; He is still all-knowing; He is still present in every circumstance. He tells us to be anxious for nothing because He is in control. Can we agree to rest in that tonight and this week as we face these uncertainties? Can we agree to live in peace amongst each other, no matter what happens? Can we take the blame off of others and submit our thoughts and accusations to Christ; take every thought captive? Can we live as He is asking us to?

This may be my least popular post to date. What my goal is in writing this, is for each of us to examine our hearts. It’s for us to focus on God over the presidential elects. I’m not here to tell anyone they’re right or wrong. I’m only writing to encourage you to see there’s Someone and Something bigger than all that’s going on in our world right now. His name is Jesus Christ. He needs to be our focus more than anything.

There’s a lot to contemplate tonight and in the near future. I pray we can do it in peace and without hate. The one thing this world doesn’t need anything more of is division. As brothers and sisters in Christ, let’s band together knowing He is still on the throne.

All praise and honor and glory are His. Now and forever. Amen.



  1. Michell Olson

    thank you Rochelle for what you have said from your heart. It will be hard, but when we focus on our maker and believe he is in control than we can rest easy knowing he will be there for us. I praise his name, he will take care of us.


      Yes, He WILL take care of us! What a comfort for us to focus on. ❤️

      • Theresa Boedeker

        If we can keep our focus on him, we can get through this time. Thanks for the encouragement.


          Yes! Amen!


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