“Follow Me”

I was heartbroken when we walked out those back doors. It seemed surreal at the moment, as if I couldn’t believe it was truly happening. Slowly, reality sunk in.

We had left our church for the last time. The church where my husband, our sons, and I were all baptized. Where my husband and I first participated in communion, confirmed our faith, and where we were married.

This was our home.

Our community of believers.

This was our history.

But it wouldn’t be from that moment forward.

Even though we had tough times before…extreme losses…hurt…pain and forgiveness, this felt completely different.

For the first time in my life, I had no idea where God wanted us to be.

I had no idea where He was going to lead us.

I took time away that afternoon to be alone….digest what had happened. I asked God for direction. I asked Him for the purpose in this. I asked “What next?” All I could see in front of me was darkness…the abyss…absolutely nothing.

I didn’t know where we were going. I didn’t know where our children would attend Sunday School or church services. I didn’t know who our new church family would be. It was a blank slate, but one I wasn’t excited about.

I was at a loss.

I grieved.

I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.

I felt abandoned and alone that afternoon. Like I had been deceived my entire life and all that I had believed to be true, was a lie. It was an awful feeling and one I never want to relive.

So many questions…with no answers. So much hurt…but not sure where to turn. So much to think about…but I still didn’t know what to think.

Our synod had made some changes that my husband and I, along with others, didn’t believe were biblical. This led to more research, more questions, more unveiling of beliefs I didn’t know our church/synod believed. No one had come out and told us these things. It was as if they were “unspoken”, in a way.

Many fellow congregants didn’t have problems with any of the issues we were feeling convicted of. There were many who were angry we brought these issues to light. But the studying and praying and utter conviction on our hearts wasn’t something we felt we could ignore. We couldn’t stay in a church we knew didn’t believe the bible was the infallible, inerrant Word of our Almighty God.

It was ironic timing, as my husband and family had recently had the biggest growth in our faith to date. We were diving into scripture, relying on His promises and truths to get us through the hardest times of our lives. And when we were solidified and grounded deeply in our faith, this happens.

I don’t believe in coincidences…I believe God chose that moment to reveal that information after our roots had been so established in His Word and in Him. That was a time when we didn’t doubt God at all.

So, we felt we God wanted us to leave and follow Him. The only problem was we didn’t know where we were going. Where was He going to lead us? That church? Or that church? Or maybe that one? Which church? The only thing we were certain of was that God was still on the throne.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

That’s what we were ultimately being called to do. Have faith…be sure and certain…even though we could not see our hands being held right in front of our faces.

Blind faith.

Complete and utter surrender to His will for our lives.

Yes, we had a choice…but we chose to follow Him and His lead, wherever that might be.

At times I admit I was a little scared. Probably because I was out of control and couldn’t see the future. But most of the time, I felt peace knowing we followed our hearts…we followed the Word…we followed what we believed God was telling us to do. I knew at some point, He would bring us to the church that would feel like home again.

And He did. Not right away…and not after some tears and sweat and frustration and a lot of discussions….but with time, patience and faith, I believe we have found where we belong. At least I hope so.

There’s been so much uncertainty in my life, especially this past year. So much I could bring up…so much I don’t understand. Yet, this story was the one that kept coming to mind.

I don’t know what tomorrow might bring, but I know Who holds tomorrow.

I don’t know where our lives are taking us at this moment, but I know Who already has it planned out.

I don’t know how I’m going to get through this winter, but I know Who will help me.

I can’t see the future. I can’t see the answers to the many, many questions I have about life right now. But God has proven faithful over and over and over again, so how can I doubt He has the answers and is just waiting to reveal them to me? That He is telling me to be patient, yet again?

I did finally figure a bit of this out. It took me awhile (I’m blonde)…but I know all of these uncertainties…all of these black holes in my life…are only meant to bring me closer to God.

They’re meant to bring me closer to my husband and children, who I hope will turn to God along with me.

They’re meant to help my marriage thrive with God in the center, as long as we obey.

You see, walking with blind faith is actually a gift. A precious gift our Jesus gives us. He gives us moment after moment to draw close to Him…to come to Him with our questions and desires…our impatience…our dreams and desires…our fears.  Everything.

How can that be bad? A closer relationship with Jesus?

My study bible says, “When we believe that God will fulfill his promises even though we don’t see those promises materializing yet, we demonstrate true faith.” (regarding Hebrews 11:1)

Is God asking you to have blind faith? Are you resisting? It can be a scary step and I can’t promise all roses without the thorns. But I do know that God wants us to follow Him more than ever.

It can be a very good thing. The places He can take you (and me) are limitless. The gifts He can bestow on us are priceless. The life He offers us can be all we could hope for…and more.

Take His out-stretched hand and accept His invitation with blind faith…take the risk and revel in what He does with your life.

I can’t wait to hear what happens!


  1. Vicki Sellers

    This really resonated with me because I am in a seas on of unknown, some conflict, financial hardship and possible questioning of things within my church….my word for this year is faith, and while I want to see it grow, every time something happens that tests it, I don’t trust more, I still question and stress!! This helped by reminding me I’m not alone, and convicts me to keep trusting…your very words spoke what I’m feeling to a T right now…beautiful post!! God is definitely ministering through you!

  2. rochelleb@me.com

    Oh Vicki…I’m sorry you are in a tough place right now. I am, too, unfortunately–with so many areas of my life. Writing about this story with the church reminded me how I much I had to trust God was working my life, even though I couldn’t even see the very next step at times. I hope both of us can continue praying, looking to Him and His Word and listening for the still, small whispers He will give us–showing us the next step…and then the next one, and so on. Being still…and knowing He is God. Praying blessings for you Vicki, as well as direction.

  3. Connie Rucinski

    Keep.your eyes on the Lord Turn your face to God and He will bring us through! It teaches us we are not in control. Your words help me not feel alone – times I do feel alone but Our Father is with us! God Bless you in your journey ! God is everywhere not necessarily in a building . but gutt feelings tell us or mine what’s wrong or right! I praise you for standing firm. We all must do the same! Amen Amen

    • Rochelle

      Yes, Connie! I love the quote, “standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car, just like standing in a church doesn’t make you a Christian”. We know from scripture that the church is made up of the people…not the building. It really doesn’t matter “where” we come together, as long as we come together…and in unity to praise Him. I was reminded during this post today that I am not alone, either–just as you are not alone, Connie. But sometimes it feels like it. Thankfully we have scripture to tell us the truths…and our lives don’t have to be run by our feelings, which are fleeting. He never said it would be easy…but He is always with us! ❤

      • Connie Rucinski

        Be Not Afraid For I go before you always Come follow me and I will give you rest.
        A hymn from church So vivid as I reread the pain We too– find our faith challenged in our church beliefs I’m not sure who to believe But the bible tells is to keep our eyes on the Lird. For now all I can do or hope

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