Do You Have Hope?

We’ve had a few tragic and unexpected losses in our community lately. Some were expected because of age or health conditions, but some weren’t. When you’re from a small town (I believe we’re still under 900 residents) they all affect you in some way. Whether you knew them while you were growing up or your kids knew their kids. Maybe you worked with them at one time or saw them frequently around town. Either way, loss hurts.

What I know about being from a small town is that most everyone supports everyone else in times of crisis or loss. We’ve experienced it firsthand multiple times. The home-cooked meals from our friends delivered to us at the Children’s Hospital three hundred miles away. The benefit that was held for my mom to help with medical expenses during her cancer treatments. The moment of silence at a basketball game for our baby Alex. T-shirts were worn as warm-ups with our son’s name on them. I could go on and on. None of it went unnoticed to us and I believe each and every effort means so much to those who are in the midst of the trial.

One of the beloved ladies who passed away last week was a great friend to my dad. After my mom died, she and a friend or two would drive her golf cart over to my dad’s house in the summer months…. almost daily. He’d sit outside in the afternoon waiting for their visits. It took me a couple of days to even talk about this loss with him, as I knew it would be hurting his heart.

Another lady who passed away worked at our local school as a “Grandma”. She would help out in the elementary classrooms…. I believe recently it was second grade. Whenever I would see her, she had a bright smile on her face and a happy greeting. Every once in a while, when we had some time, we would talk about grief. She would tell me stories of when she lost her husband and I would tell her stories of when I lost our son or my mom. A few tears fell during those conversations, but after a hug and some Kleenexes, we’d feel better and go on our way. This particular woman, Betty, died on her wedding anniversary. What a reunion they must’ve had!

We all know loss. Some of us have had more loss than others, but that’s just how life goes. Sometimes I feel like the adage, “When it rains, it pours.” Lately, it’s been pouring in our little community.

Of course, what I think of most is the relationships these people had with our Lord, Jesus Christ. I know some of their stories and know some of them had strong Christian beliefs. But there are a few whose stories I don’t know. Maybe no one on earth even knows what they believed.

I have this feeling when we get to heaven, we will be surprised at who we see there. We have to remember that even if someone doesn’t publicly announce their faith, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any. If they aren’t the ones standing in front of a church each Sunday, it doesn’t mean their personal relationship with Jesus was absent. They could have a stronger relationship than many church-goers. Faith and a relationship with Jesus aren’t always seen from the outside.

So, as I grieve these recent losses, I’m reminding myself of what I’m doing here. What my life’s purpose might be. Yes, I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc. But what am I doing for the kingdom of God?

Well, the purpose for this blog and my Instagram account, in particular, is to share the love of Christ with whoever will listen or read the words. I long for everyone to know the hope that Jesus gives. I want everyone to spend eternity in heaven with Him and other believers. If there’s something I can share that has brought me closer to Jesus, then I need to share it to give others hope in their difficult times.  Do I want to sound preachy? Goodness no. I want to be genuine and sincere in letting every single one of you know there’s hope in Christ…even when it doesn’t feel like it. I don’t want the end of your life to come and wonder if you ever heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

So, here I am. Sharing through loss, miracles, personal struggles, and anything else that has brought me closer to the Lord. In my stories, maybe you will relate to one and it will cause you to turn to Him, the One Who can help you. That’s my prayer for all of this. That’s my prayer for all of you.

Today (Monday), on my Instagram account I shared the lyrics to a song that brings me hope. It’s (ironically) called “I Have This Hope” by Tenth Ave North. I’m going to leave a link to the song on YouTube in case you’d like to listen to it. I hope you take the time and soak in each word. But mostly, I pray it gives you hope.

(I don’t own any rights to this video or song.)





  1. Connie Rucinski

    Love the words of hope We have had a lot of loss locally and my home TRF. So many young and car accidents And a classmate 54 with pancreatic cancer passed within mos of diagnosis. It’s hard to see You wish you could say or do more so pray pray pray for them all Thank you for your words of hope

    • Rochelle

      I’m sorry you’ve seen a lot of loss lately, too, Connie. It’s never easy. I understand what you mean by wanting to do more. Prayer is so important, as you know. God can do so much more for them than we ever could! So keep praying! ❤️

  2. Nancy


    I don’t remember signing up for your blog, but that is ok because I absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing so genuinely and sincerely. I’m a fan.

    Nancy Lee


      Hi Nancy,

      I’m not sure when you signed up, either! When I had my website redone last July, all of the subscribers were moved over to this particular one. I have had a blog for many years, but wasn’t consistent. I know some had signed up when I was had a guest post for Suzie Eller. Could that be it?

      Well, either way, I’m glad you’re here and that you like it! ❤️ Funny how things turn up when we least expect it. I hope you will enjoy future posts, as well. Have a good evening!

  3. Sondra

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts on loss and faith. Your beautiful heart and sweet spirit for the Lord shines through!.


      Thank you so much Sondra! That is so kind of you to say. ❤️

  4. Cathy Donald

    Thank you for sharing God’s love so beautifully intertwined with your losses. I Have This Hope was a song that helped me through a time of crisis. I love it too. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing.


      Thank you, Cathy, for your kind words. That song is so powerful to me, as well. I’m glad it helped you when you needed it, although I wish you hadn’t faced a crisis at all. However, I do believe we can grow in our faith when those hard times come. I hope you’re healing or have healed from that particular circumstance.

      Music speaks deeply to me. 💓 So you’ll likely see more links as you follow my site. ☺️ Thank you for subscribing! I pray you will be blessed!


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