I’m Rochelle and I’m a lover of words. I love music lyrics, devotionals, good fiction and anything else that can get my emotions moving. I’m a woman who deeply desires to share God’s goodness with whomever I can.



Life has not always been a bed of roses here at the Bauer household, but God has proven to be faithful and true to His Word. That is what I long to share with each and every one of you. I’d love to walk beside you as you trudge through this worldly life. Think of me as a friend, an ally, a confidante, and a sister in Christ. Let’s build a community of believers who rely on Jesus and His power and who build each other up.

I can’t wait to get to know each one of you better!

I am a mother… a grieving mother, and daughter, a codependent, someone who has struggled with mental health issues, and I truly believe there are many people out in the world who don’t have someone to talk to about these things… the hard things. I want everyone to know how Jesus has walked beside me, held me up, and honestly has just been faithful to His Word during the tragedies in my life.

If there can be good that comes out of the pain I’ve lived, please let it happen God.


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Finding Light in the Midst of Darkness

I learned about my love for writing when our son was going through his cancer treatments. We were four hours away from our home and the best way to reach our family and friends at that time was through a caringbridge site. It became therapeutic for me to update on his condition each day, as well as our thoughts and feelings. That love for writing never left once Alex died. It has remained as a strong pull in my life. I’ve put it aside for various reasons, but have since decided it was time to pursue it again. I now know that those years I spent not sharing my writing were simply God’s way of allowing me to grow. He has given me more experiences, more wisdom (I think?), and more compassion for others. God’s timing is perfect, my friends. He’s giving me the green light, so I’m going with it! I hope you will join me for the journey.

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